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Lens Cleaning Station
Lens Cleaning Station provide instant access for all lens cleaning needs. Strategically placed ..
Ex Tax: £9.95
Light Bulb Bayonet Fit 60w 240v
Standard "GLS" style bulb with bayonet (BC) push and twist fitting for general purpose use. Cle..
Ex Tax: £0.65
Newcastle Draining Tool
Solid Socket Newcastle Draining Tool 16". 28" Wooden Ash shaft and metal YD handle. Blade i..
Ex Tax: £18.95
Oil Spill Kit 120 Litre
High grade oil spill kit 120 litre. Fast absorbing action, and fully prepared to deal with the..
Ex Tax: £119.95
P206 PULSAR Foul Weather Over Trouser
3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Tape. Full length vertical stripes front and rear to show height in the ..
Ex Tax: £32.95
Priority Over Oncoming Traffic Plate 750mm
750mm Priority Over Oncoming Traffic Temporary Road Sign Plate Manufactured in zintec..
Ex Tax: £12.95
Red Petrol Can 5 Litre
Red Petrol Can 5 Litre. This metal petrol can (or paddycan) is used for transferring flammable ..
Ex Tax: £12.95
Rexel Gazelle Stapler
The Rexel Gazelle is a premium desktop stapler in a choice of stylish colours for permanent stapl..
Ex Tax: £13.95
Road Closed Plate 1050mm x 750mm
1050mm x 750mm Road Closed Temporary Road Sign Plate Manufactured in zintec, which is..
Ex Tax: £16.95
Road Closed Q Sign
Road Closed Q Sign 1050mm x 750mm The Q Sign is a temporary plastic road sign manufactured..
Ex Tax: £27.95
Rubber Floor Squeegee
24" Rubber Floor Squeegee with handle and stay ..
Ex Tax: £7.95
Rubber Mallet Wooden Handle
Solid rubber mallet with wood shaft. 24oz ..
Ex Tax: £2.95
Shocksafe Insulated Crowbar
Insulated crowbar with a chisel end 60" handle Certified & tested to BS8020 ..
Ex Tax: £49.95
Short Handled Tar Brush
Short Handled Tar Brush. For applying all viscous materials especially liquid tar to finish of..
Ex Tax: £1.25
Temporary Black Line Marker Paint 750ml
Temporary Line Marker Paint 750ml can be used on most surfaces where a temporary mark is req..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Temporary Blue Line Marker Paint 750ml
Temporary Line Marker Paint 750ml can be used on most surfaces where a temporary mark is req..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Thick Bleach 5 Litre
Thickened bleach for extra cleaning power. Cleans surfaces and provides a longer contact for ki..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Topaz Grab n Grip Gloves
Conforms to EN 388 levels 2-2-4-2 Polycotton glove Latex palm coat Textured grip Ribbed k..
Ex Tax: £1.20
Traffic Control Ahead Cone Sign
Traffic Control Ahead Cone Sign 1050mm x 750mm. Class I reflective face and fully comply ..
Ex Tax: £26.95
Traffic Control Ahead Sign
1050mm x 750mm Traffic Control Ahead Sign Class I reflective zintec plate is riveted into an an..
Ex Tax: £28.95