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Cable Laying Shovel

Cable Laying Shovel
Product Name: Cable Laying Shovel
Product Model: M2027AG
Price: £21.95 (Ex VAT) £26.34 (Inc VAT)
  • Solid Socket Cable Laying Shovel.
  • 28" Wooden Ash shaft and metal YD handle.
  • Solid forged steel blade which is specifically designed for digging and bottoming out narrow trenches for cables.
  • Blade size 5½" to 4½" x 11"


The cable laying shovel is often known as a '1-way' in some trades. The shape of the shovel is designed for cable and pipe laying, with a slim blade that is ideal for digging out narrow trenches.

The blade is manufactured from a solid forged steel and the size of the blade tapers from 5½" at the top, down to 4½" at the bottom, making it ideal for digging and narrowing out narrow trenches for cables.

The handle is a YD shape for a tight grip and the shaft for the cable laying shovel is available in either a wooden, all steel, polyfibre or fully insulated version.

The cable laying shovel is a very popular product in our contractor shovel range and sits well along side the taper, square, trenching and newcastle draining tools. Please contact our experienced sales team is you have any queries regarding our cable laying shovel or any other shovel in our contractor range.