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Oil Absorbent Pads
Keep your working environment clean and tidy with this great product from the Spill Excel range ..
Ex Tax: £39.95
Oil Absorbent Socks
Reduce down time and mess with easy to use absorbent socks. Quick to deploy and dispose of. Oi..
Ex Tax: £49.95
Orange Polypropylene Rope Drum 6mm x 500m
Orange Polypropylene Rope Drum A general purpose rope is widely used in the building ..
Ex Tax: £39.95
Paint Roller Sleeve
Paint Roller Sleeve 230mm High quality roller sleeves for fast, easy and quick coverage of l..
Ex Tax: £1.20
Plant Nappy Liner 685mm x 500mm
Plant Nappy Liner 685mm x 500mm. This is a replacement liner that can be easily removed from th..
Ex Tax: £18.95
Plastic Dustpan & Brush
Sturdy plastic dustpan with flexible rubber lip. Hand brush with a soft bristle for quick ..
Ex Tax: £1.95
Plastic Water Container 25 Litre c/w Tap
Plastic Water Container 25 Litre c/w Tap. Manufactured from frosted high density polyethy..
Ex Tax: £9.95
Platform Step Ladder 12 Tread
Platform Step Ladder 12 Tread Class 1 Heavy Duty Robust Step Ladder With Platform ..
Ex Tax: £209.95
Polyfibre General Service Shovel
Designed to offer the workman a high degree of fibreglass strength along with the comfort of a pr..
Ex Tax: £22.95
Profile Board 900mm
Wooden profile boards for surveying or general construction work. Size 900mm x 75mm x 13mm ..
Ex Tax: £1.10
Quality Canadian Rigger Gloves
Conforms to EN 388 levels 3-1-3-3 High quality split leather Heavyweight cotton fabric Rein..
Ex Tax: £1.20
Ramp Cone Sign
Ramp Cone Sign 1050mm x 450mm. Class I reflective face and fully comply with BS8442. M..
Ex Tax: £19.95
Red Blister Tactile Paving 450mm x 450mm
Box of 10 Tiles Surface mounted buff blister highway tile 450mm x 450mm No heavy duty plant r..
Ex Tax: £89.95
Replacement No Waiting Cone Sleeve 450mm
Replacement 450mm No Waiting Cone Sleeve ..
Ex Tax: £1.25
Road Line Pin 1200mm
Road Line Pin. This road line pin used in road forming and is manufactured from a heavy duty st..
Ex Tax: £3.50
Safety Chest Wader
Incorporates a protective 200 joule steel toecap & midsole. Waterproof PVC/Nitrile upper. ..
Ex Tax: £49.95
Shocksafe Insulated Contractors Fork
Fully Insulated Contractor Fork BS8020. The fork head is solid forged from one piece of steel. ..
Ex Tax: £49.95
Square Mouth Shovel
Solid Socket Square Mouth Shovel YD Handle. 28" Wooden Ash shaft and a metal YD handle. For..
Ex Tax: £12.95
Square Road Sign Frame 1200mm
Square Road Sign Frame 1200mm. Manufactured from 25mm x 25mm x 3mm angle mild steel and have f..
Ex Tax: £19.95
Stop Works Sign 600mm
Double-sided Stop Works Sign 600mm Class I reflective (fully conform to BS 8442). 600m..
Ex Tax: £44.95