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Bespoke Plate White on Red 1050 x 750mm
Manufactured in zintec, which is electro-zinc coated steel sheet. Class I reflective and fully..
Ex Tax: £44.95
Black Speed Ramp 70mm
The 70mm sections are for a 5 mph speed limit or below. Manufactured from heavy duty recycled ..
Ex Tax: £24.95
Blue Centre Feed (Case 6)
Blue Centre Feed Hand Towels 2-Ply 150m Rolls Case of 6 Rolls   ..
Ex Tax: £17.65
Buff Corduroy Hazard Warning Tile
Box of 10 Tiles Surface mounted buff corduroy hazard warning tile 400mm x 400mm Designed to c..
Ex Tax: £109.95
Cable Laying Shovel
Solid Socket Cable Laying Shovel. 28" Wooden Ash shaft and metal YD handle. Solid forged st..
Ex Tax: £20.95
Chemical Spill Kit 15 Litre
High grade chemical spill kit 15 litre. Fast absorbing action, and fully prepared to deal with..
Ex Tax: £17.95
Criss Cross Glove
Conforms to EN 388 levels 3-1-3-1 Mixed fibre PVC criss cross pattern Enhanced grip..
Ex Tax: £0.95
Cylinder Rubber Base
Base for supporting a traffic cylinder. Can be used for either the Kingpin or the Swingbac tra..
Ex Tax: £6.95
Danger Overhead Cables Cone Sleeve 750mm
Reflective sleeve to fit a 750mm cone. ..
Ex Tax: £4.15
Directional Arrow Left Plate 600mm
600mm Directional Arrow Left Temporary Road Sign Plate Manufactured in zintec, which ..
Ex Tax: £14.95
Directional Arrow Right Cone Sign 600mm
600mm Directional Arrow Right Cone Sign. Class I reflective face and fully comply with BS8..
Ex Tax: £16.95
Diverted Traffic Ahead Sign 1050mm x 450mm
1050mm x 450mm Diverted Traffic Ahead Sign Class I reflective zintec plate riveted into a free ..
Ex Tax: £31.95
Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher 9kg
Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher 9kg. This dry powder fire extinguisher is for use on all Class A, ..
Ex Tax: £48.95
Ear Protection Must Be Worn in This Area
Ear Protection Must Be Worn 1mm Rigid PVC Mandatory Site Safety Sign 600mm x 200mm ..
Ex Tax: £6.95
Extension Reel 110v
25m Extension Reel 110v 2 Outlets 16amp. Tough impact resistant cable reel with recessed socket..
Ex Tax: £49.95
Fire Exit
Fire Exit 1mm Rigid PVC Safe Condition Sign 600mm x 200mm   ..
Ex Tax: £6.95
Fire Extinguisher Sign
Fire Extinguisher Sign 1mm Rigid PVC Fire Safety Sign 150mm x 200mm ..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Fire Hydrant Standpipe
This fire hydrant stand pipe is manufactured from aluminium and has a 65mm (inside diameter) sing..
Ex Tax: £499.95
Flammable Gas
Flammable Gas 1mm Rigid PVC Warning Sign 600mm x 200mm   ..
Ex Tax: £6.95
Floorboard Chisel 56mm
Forged from chrome vanadium steel. Hardened in accordance with BS3066   ..
Ex Tax: £3.95