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C.Scope Signal Generator

C.Scope Signal Generator
Product Name: C.Scope Signal Generator
Product Model: DCSG
Price: £599.95 (Ex VAT) £719.94 (Inc VAT)
  • On its own, the C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tool is an extremely effective tool designed to avoid underground services.
  • When used in conjunction with the C.Scope Signal Generator, the Cable Avoidance Tool becomes a very sensitive mains finder, pipe and cable tracer as recommended in HSG 47.
  • The Cable Avoidance Tool plus the Signal Generator can be used to sweep any area before excavation commences.
  • The C.Scope Signal Generator supplies a 33 KHz signal which can be applied to all the buried conductors in a wide ranging area which are then located by the Cable Avoidance Tool.
  • Network Rail approved.