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CXL Cable Avoidance Tool

CXL Cable Avoidance Tool
Product Name: CXL Cable Avoidance Tool
Product Model: DCXL
Price: £649.95 (Ex VAT) £779.94 (Inc VAT)

C.Scope has introduced a new range of XL digital cable locators developed using the latest advanced signal processing technology

The C.Scope XL range of cable avoidance tools (CAT) provide valuable information about the position of buried pipes and cables more quickly than previously possible. The best way to avod damaging buired services is to pinpoint thier exact position and route. The C.Scope XL digital processing system does just that.

The C.Scope CXL is a high performance locator featuring an enhanced digital detection system with an AllScan detecting mode, greater sensitivity and improved signal interference rejection. When combined with a C.Scope signal generator, the CXL cable avoidance tool becomes a versatile, all round pipe and cable locating and tracing package.

Robustly made and equipped with LCD meter with automatic backlight, detachable loudspeaker and easy-to-operate fingertip controls, the C.Scope CXL Cable Avoidance Tool is the ideal instrument for those needing to detect buried services quickly and with confidence.

The C.Scope CXL Cable Avoidance Tool now has four detecting modes, each with their own unique advantages:

The POWER mode is the quickest way to detect most buried electricity cables by detecting the signal created by the electrical current itself.

The RADIO mode detects re-radiated "radio" type signals that are often present on metal pipes and cables allowing their position to be determined using just the CXL alone.

The GENERATOR mode is used to detect the signal applied to a metal pipe or cable by a signal generator. In addition the Generator mode can be used to detect the signal being transmitted by a C.Scope Sonde for non-metallic pipe tracing.

The brand new ALLSCAN mode detects ALL frequencies of signal from the lowest of the Power signals right up to and including 33kHz. This great all-in-one mode can detect unusual frequency signals often overlooked in the conventional Power, Radio and Generator modes and can often speed up the locating process with just one sweep of the site.