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Road Narrows Offside Plate 750mm
750mm Road Narrows Offside Temporary Road Sign Plate Manufactured in zintec, which is..
Ex Tax: £19.95
Rotosure Deluxe Bag
Rotosure Measuring Wheel Carry Bag. This bag accomodates either the 1000 or RD1000 models. ..
Ex Tax: £19.95
Safety Thigh Wader
Steel Toe Cap & Penetration Resistant Steel Midsole. Waterproof PVC/Nitrile upper. Oil re..
Ex Tax: £39.95
Setting Out Pegs 1200mm
For surveying or general construction work. Size 1200mm ..
Ex Tax: £2.25
Slow Cone Sign
Slow Cone Sign 1050mm x 450mm. Class I reflective face and fully comply with BS8442. M..
Ex Tax: £19.95
Standard Quick Fit Frame 1200mm
Standard Quick-Fit Frame 1200mm x 2700mm. A robust frame, designed to allow one frame accomada..
Ex Tax: £69.95
Swing Bin Liners
Swing Bin Liners Pack of 100 liners     ..
Ex Tax: £2.95
Tan Rigger Boot Scuff Cap
Dual density PU 200 Joule steel toe cap and midsole Shock absorber heel Anti-slip and anti-..
Ex Tax: £32.95
Taper Mouth Shovel
Solid Socket Taper Mouth Shovel. 28" Wooden Ash shaft and a metal YD handle. Forged from hi..
Ex Tax: £19.95
Tarmac Punner 10lb
Heavy duty steel tarmac punner with a 48" tubular steel handle. Used for consolidating earth, ..
Ex Tax: £19.95
Tarmac Rake All Steel Handle
Heavy duty deisgn with a rugged construction for daily use by professionals in tough working envi..
Ex Tax: £18.95
Test Cube Rammer
Test Cube Rammer. This test cube rammer is a compacting tool used in conjuction with test cube..
Ex Tax: £18.95
Triangular No Waiting Cone 530mm
530mm Triangular No Waiting Cone. No Waiting symbol embossed on all three sides. This 2-part ..
Ex Tax: £8.95
Trimming Knife Blades
Heavy duty spare trimming knife blades Supplied in pkts 10   ..
Ex Tax: £1.25
Universal Drain Clearing Wheel
Guides rods around difficult bends and removes minor blockages by pushing material clear. Univ..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Universal Drain Test Plug 150mm
Centre locking drain test plugs with steel plates, steel wing nuts and brass blanking caps. Sui..
Ex Tax: £7.95
White Thermoplastic Numbers
Thermoplastic White Numbers Available numbers 0 - 9   These numbers are easy ..
Ex Tax: £6.95
Wrecking Bar 750mm
Traditional Wrecking Bar. Swan necked shape, drop forged steel, polished tips and hex shanks. ..
Ex Tax: £12.95
Yellow Barrier Mesh
Yellow Safety Barrier Netting 50m x 1m Roll. This barrier netting is extremely flexible to use..
Ex Tax: £24.95
1m Road Cone
1m two piece road cones come complete with a reflective D2 sleeve. The centre cone is blow..
Ex Tax: £10.95