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Traffic Signals Ahead Plate 600mm
600mm Traffic Signals Ahead Temporary Road Sign Plate Manufactured in zintec, which i..
Ex Tax: £12.95
Triangular Road Sign Frame 1200mm
1200mm Triangle Manufactured from 25mm x 25mm x 3mm angle mild steel and have folding support l..
Ex Tax: £34.95
Two Way Traffic Plate 750mm
750mm Two Way Traffic Temporary Road Sign Plate Manufactured in zintec, which is is e..
Ex Tax: £19.95
Universal Double Worm Screw
Pierces blockages such as paper or rags and the obstruction is drawn back to clear the pipe. Un..
Ex Tax: £3.95
Universal Drain Rod
Polypropylene drain rods with universal brass fittings These drain rods are for general purpose..
Ex Tax: £1.95
Universal Drain Test Plug 225mm
Centre locking drain test plugs with steel plates, steel wing nuts and brass blanking caps. Sui..
Ex Tax: £24.95
White Thermoplastic Letters
Thermoplastic White Letters Available numbers A-Z   These letters are ea..
Ex Tax: £6.95
White Water Filled Traffic Separator
These water filled traffic separators offer strength and durability within its design. Can be ..
Ex Tax: £37.95
Wrecking Bar 900mm
Traditional Wrecking Bar. Swan necked shape, drop forged steel, polished tips and hex shanks. ..
Ex Tax: £14.95
Yellow End Section 50mm
The 50mm sections are for a 10 mph speed limit or less. Manufactured from heavy duty recycled p..
Ex Tax: £14.95
1050mm  x  450mm Frame Long Leg
Rectangular Road Sign Frame 1050mm x 450mm. Manufactured from 25mm x 25mm x 3mm angle mild ste..
Ex Tax: £36.95
1kg Lump Hammer Wooden Handle
1kg Lump Hammer with a Wooden Handle. Drop forged steel head with a fully polished striking fa..
Ex Tax: £8.95
30m Fibron Measuring Tape
Tape for easy measuring and tape recoiling Winding handle Imperial and Metric ..
Ex Tax: £11.95
4 Row Wire Brush
Heavy duty 4 row wire scratch brush with heavy duty plain wooden handle, for hand removal of rust..
Ex Tax: £1.25
4 Slice Toaster
1200 Watts. 7 Browning control settings. Mid-cycle cancel button. Cool touch. Slide-out c..
Ex Tax: £29.95
600mm Coco Platform Brush
600mm (24") Coco Platform Brush. This platform brush has a 24" wide head with soft coco fibres...
Ex Tax: £9.95
600mm Road Narrows Nearside Sign
600mm Road Narrows Nearside Sign. Class I reflective zintec plate riveted into an angle-iron fr..
Ex Tax: £25.95
65mm Bright Round Wire Nails 2.5kg
Bright Round Wire Nails 65mm. 2.5kg Pack ..
Ex Tax: £17.95
750mm Road Narrows Nearside Sign
750mm Road Narrows Nearside Sign Class I reflective zintec plate riveted into an angle-iron fra..
Ex Tax: £35.95
All Steel Cable Laying Shovel
Designed for the heavier usage involved on professional building sites. This all steel cable la..
Ex Tax: £19.95