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Road Ahead Closed Cone Sign
Road Ahead Closed Cone Sign 1050mm x 750mm. Class I reflective face and fully comply with..
Ex Tax: £29.95
Road Ahead Closed Sign
1050mm x 750mm Road Ahead Closed Sign Class I reflective zintec plate is rivetted into an angle..
Ex Tax: £46.95
Safety Helmets Must Be Worn In This Area
Safety Helmets Must Be Worn In This Area 1mm Rigid PVC Mandatory Sign 600mm x 200mm ..
Ex Tax: £6.95
Saturn Yellow Storm-Flex Jacket
Conforms to EN 343 High quality Storm-Flex fabric Saturn Yellow Waterproof Rain Jacket c/w Ho..
Ex Tax: £27.95
Shocksafe Insulated Trenching Shovel
Often known as a '2-way' in some trades. Used for digging and cleaning out narrow trenches for ..
Ex Tax: £44.95
Slow Plate 1050mm x 450mm
1050mm x 450mm Slow Temporary Road Sign Plate Manufactured in zintec, which is is ele..
Ex Tax: £16.95
Telephone Underground Warning Tape
Underground Warning Tape Telephone 365m x 150mm Roll. This underground warning tape should be ..
Ex Tax: £18.95
Trenching Shovel
Solid Socket Trenching Shovel. 28" Wooden Ash shaft and metal YD handle. Forged from high q..
Ex Tax: £21.95
Triangular Road Sign Frame c/w Supp 750mm
750mm Triangle with a supplementary provision. Manufactured from 25mm x 25mm x 3mm angle mild s..
Ex Tax: £24.95
Universal Drain Plunger 150mm
This rubber plunger attaches to standard 17mm diameter universal drain rods Ideal for removing..
Ex Tax: £3.25
Water Fire Extinguisher 6 Litre
Water Fire Extinguisher 6 Litre. This water fire extinguisher is ideal for use on Class A fires..
Ex Tax: £49.95
Water Fire Extinguisher 9 Litre
Water Fire Extinguisher 9 Litre. This water fire extinguisher is ideal for use on Class A fire..
Ex Tax: £54.95
Wooden Spazzle
Used for levelling and maneuvering tarmac and a variety of loose materials. 600mm Wooden Blade ..
Ex Tax: £8.95
Yellow Speed Ramp 70mm
The 70mm sections are for a 5 mph speed limit or below. Manufactured from heavy duty recycled ..
Ex Tax: £24.95
Yellow Thermoplastic Disabled Symbol
Easy to apply, preformed thermoplastic road marking material.  It is ideal for fast, perma..
Ex Tax: £29.95
100m Fibron Measuring Tape
Tape for easy measuring and tape recoiling Winding handle Imperial and Metric 100m Open Fra..
Ex Tax: £29.95
114mm Sign Fixing Clip
These sign fixing clips are designed to secure signs to 114mm diameter posts. This sign fi..
Ex Tax: £3.40
1kg Lump Hammer Fibreglass Handle
1kg Lump Hammer High quality, drop forged polished steel head Strong fibreglass shaft and cha..
Ex Tax: £7.95
1m Insulated Line Pin
Insulated Line Pin​ An alternative to the steel road pins. The insulated road pin elimi..
Ex Tax: £10.95
600mm Bow Saw
600mm Bow Saw Has a hard-point steel blade and a powder-coated, heavy gauge, oval section ..
Ex Tax: £4.95