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Expanding Foam Gun

Expanding Foam Gun
Product Name: Expanding Foam Gun
Product Model: LFG
Price: £19.95 (Ex VAT) £23.94 (Inc VAT)
  • Designed for use with standard 500/750ml gun grade Polyurethane pressurised expanding foam canisters
  • The gun has a sprung trigger mechanism and flow adjuster knob to ensure fine control over the foam output, and to provide a clean, even bead for the accurate installation of the foam which helps to reduce waste
  • The barrel is hermetically sealed once the trigger has been released to prevent the hardening of the foam when left in the gun
  • The Foam Gun has non stick coated needle and canisters fitting valve and a stainless steel barrel to help make cleaning the gun easier
  • It is supplied complete with two types of additional plastic extension barrels to give better access when used in certain applications