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D400 EvoGrate

D400 EvoGrate
D400 EvoGrate
Product Name: D400 EvoGrate
Product Model: VDPM400
Datasheet: Open
Price: £129.95 (Ex VAT) £155.94 (Inc VAT)

The EvoGrate is brand new, innovative product, developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

The EvoGrate is a D400 gully grate manufactured from  a high strength 100% non-metallic material, which means it has ZERO scrap value and is less the HALF the weight of a traditional ductile iron product, enabling a 1 person lift.

Designed for optimum strength, the EvoGrate also maximises the available drainage area.

For use on all types carriageways.

Compliant to BS EN142 D400 (40 tonne load bearing) 

Key Features:

  • 100% Non-Metallic material which means zero scrap value
  • Left hand hinged
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Anti-rocking mechanism
  • UV/Chemical/Heat protection
  • 40 tonne load bearing test
  • BS EN124 D400
  • Weight 15kg (1 person lift)
  • Clear opening 450mm x 400mm x 100mm
  • Over base 610mm x 495mm x 100mm
  • Waterway area 945cm2