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JSP Roadbloc Traffic Separator White

JSP Roadbloc Traffic Separator White
Brand: JSP
Product Name: JSP Roadbloc Traffic Separator White
Product Model: ERBTSW
Price: £89.95 (Ex VAT) £107.94 (Inc VAT)
  • Manufactured from Solathene™ HD and the system has been extensively trialled to ensure that it surpasses the demands and expectations bestowed on Traffic Separators by today's Traffic Management industry.
  • Unique hinge allows it to form a mini roundabout with just eight units and to bend upwards so that they can stand firm on uneven ground. They can also be stacked very conveniently. Stacks of 20 RoadBlocs™ supplied securely banded. Mini Roundabout Each barrier can swivel at its connection point up to 45° to enable 8 systems to form a circle. Uneven Terrain Each unit can be tilted at an angle whilst still connected making it ideal for use across uneven terrain.
  • Convenient Each Bloc features interlocking feet which allow the units to be stacked efficiently without the risk of them sliding apart, helping prevent pedestrian/worker accidents.
  • Length 1m Height 60cm Depth 45cm